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1. Desktop and personal computers are also known as - Microcomputers.

2. ENIAC was an - electronic digital computer.

3.  The period of second generation computer was - 1956-63.

4. The first computer which provides storage is - EDSAC.

5. A hybrid computer is the one having the combined properties of - Analog and digital computer.

6. The user generally applies ..... to access mainframe Computer or super computer - terminal.

7. Micro computer hardware consist of three basic categories of physical equipment - System, input-output, memory.

8. The fastest computer is - Super computer.

9. IC is made up of - transistors.

10. Time sharing became possible in - Second generation computers.

11. Speed of first generation computer was in - microseconds.

12. The first general purpose electronic Computer - UNIVAC.

13. The chip used in computers is made of - silicone.

14. A desktop Computer is also known as -PC.
The first Computer language developed was - FORTRAN.

15. Which language is directly understood by the computer without translation programme - Machine language.

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